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Ever wonder what a professional fighter eats on Thanksgiving?

It’s not Thanksgiving, so it doesn’t matter, but here is what a few fighters had over Christmas…

UFC welterweight Nick Diaz doesn’t eat meat, so smoked ham and deep fried turkey was not on his plate, as he went with either the seafood, veggies, or noodle diet.

Last time I was with him, he was using chopsticks in expert fashion, finishing Vietnamese Shrimp Pho noodles, which is one of his favorite foods.

UFC lightweight Tony Ferguson, coming off his submission victory in October over Mike Rio, went all out this year. When I asked him what was on his menu over Christmas, he said “I went to three different houses on Christmas Eve and had food galore.”

That’s one luxury coming off a win and a $50,000 Submission of the Night award; you can eat whatever you want for Christmas.

Former UFC and TUF 17 contestant “King” Kevin Casey had a very different Christmas meal.

With his next fight less than a month away, Casey had to settle for the in-camp diet.

On Twitter he told his fans to “Eat some [Christmas] food for me.”

When I talked to him the day after, I asked him what he actually ate, and he said “Water, crackers, and more water.”

He laughed and said he was joking around, but said he did keep it light — “I had some chicken, steamed vegetables and fruit.”

The newly married Casey said he was focused for his Jan. 24 fight with Eddie Mendez, and Christmas, New Years was not a deterrent for him.

And as for me?

Let’s just say the foods didn’t mix too well in my stomach that night…

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