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Taylor Swift spoke to an industry crowd last night in support of the Weinstein film One Chance, at the DGA in West Hollywood.  Swift wrote and performed the song from the film, “Sweeter Than Fiction.” Taylor relayed to noted Film Expert and Moderator Pete Hammond of Deadline Hollywood at the Q & A after the film, that Harvey Weinstein asked her to look at an early cut of the film, and that “I fell in love with it. I looked for an emotional thru line in the film that I could latch on to and I wrote a song in that emotional space.”

Taylor went on to explain that, “I related to the story of the musician trying to make it and having doors slammed in my face. I wanted the song to have the ’80s and ’90s vibe because that’s when it’s set.” She and Hammond also chatted about how she got the Golden Globe nomination for the song on Dec. 13, which is her birthday.  The room was filled with mostly the Academy Music Branch and press and industry folk.  It was also filled with their very excited and way enthusiastic teenage daughters.

At the reception after in the lobby, lovely Taylor was super gracious, posing with the girls and their parents and anyone that asked her.   The room was filled with music maestros.  Emmy Award Winning Composer Nicholas Pike chatted with Taylor about finding the emotional road in a project and how that’s easier to than starting with a blank page.  Composer and ex-Dire Straits guitarist Hal Lindes chatted with her about his life on the road; Taylor is a huge fan of the band.

One Chance will be in limited release this Feb. 7, and is poised to become the indie hit of next year.  It’s a charming, entertaining, terrific film.

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