In one of the biggest moves in music today, legendary rap-hip-hop duo Outkast reunited at the Coachella music festival Friday night.

Despite the huge buildup of anticipation, many have mixed or disappointed feelings about the show. Some blame it on rough edges from not performing together for almost 10 years, while other blame the young crowd who seem to lack an appreciation for the group’s entire music catalogue.

Whatever it was, Twitter made sure to comment on every aspect of the reunion. 

We’re pretty sure this is exactly what Snoop Dogg would say.

We’re also sure that more than a few people shared JanelleMonae’s excitement.

But not everyone felt that way.

Including, apparently, Andre 3000 himself.

But maybe he just needs to hug it out.

There’s also the issue of the highly hipster-fied crowd, who probably don’t know anything about Outkast besides the 2003 hit, “Hey Ya!”

Despite the lackluster crowd, we can be sure the impending festival reunion tour will cater to our wildest dreams.

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