What is it about Paper Magazine that makes a girl wanna take off her panties? First it was Kim Kardashian, now it’s Paris Hilton.

The 35-year-old heiress is the latest hot celeb to peel for the cameras in the mag’s up-coming ‘Fandemonium issue.’ In Paris’s case her ass cheeks are almost completely bare, save for a few tasteful straps that hide her modesty (see image below).

Paris uses black eye-make-up and dark lipstick in order to adopt a gothic look. The magazine boasts that this is Paris Hilton ‘like you’ve never seen her before.”

Clam fans will recall that it was this time last year that Kim Kardashian nearly broke the internet by baring her glistening butt in its entirety for Paper.

It just goes to prove, who needs Playboy anyway when it comes to celebrity T & A!

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