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David Mamet has spent the past several years separating himself from Hollywood liberalism. In 2008, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and filmmaker  wrote the essay “Why I Am No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal” for the Village Voice. Now he has launched a full scale attack on President Barack Obama.

On an appearance on radio’s The Hugh Hewitt Show, Mamet said, “He’s a tyrant. And I give him great credit. He’s always said that his idea was to reform the United States. And, you know, like many tyrants, like Wilson and like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, he believes that his way is the right way and that he’s going to implement his vision of the world, and many agree with him. And he’s acting in concert with his conscience. And I applaud him for that. I just disagree with everything he’s done.”

Mamet, 65, has gone more and more political lately: He also attacked gun control advocates in a recent Newsweek essay and compared the Obama administration to Lenin and Marx in the Daily Beast.

“Don’t you know who these people [members of the Obama administration] are?” he asked. “What in their history do they find inconsistent with totalitarianism, or at best statism, or at worst Marxism? They want to take over the government. They don’t care how they do it. You can’t believe a word they say.”

Of course, the current noise coming out of  Mamet could be because the prolific writer/director has something to sell: He’s just published a trio of three novellas called Three War Storieswhich he has self-published. Major reviews have not posted yet, but initial accounts from bloggers are mixed, with many calling the stories “confusing.”

War has been a major topic of David Mamet’s since 1997’s Wag the Dog. Watch non-stop war moves on the WW2 TV via FilmOn.

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