What a dick! Justin ‘bitch-boy’ Bieber got his ass handed to after throwing a feeble punch in Cleveland.

The pop-weasel attended the NBA final game on Wednesday night and ended up getting in a nasty altercation with a dude twice his size!

According to ET Online an eyewitness said: “[Bieber] was apparently talking to the girl this guy was with, and when the guy stepped in, Biebs told him he would f**k him up … That’s when fists started flying.”

The little runt’s fist probably felt like a feather stroking the guys face. The victim of the pathetic assault just simply threw Bieber to the floor. Sounds like the ‘sorry’ singer really ‘f***ed him up’… not.

It’s been reported that Bieber posted a selfie on his Instagram page with the caption: “Not a scratch on this pretty boy” but he later deleted the snap – what a pussy.

Friends of the star are said to be worried about his recent behaviour, a source said: “People around Justin are nervous about him and worry that he could have a breakdown.”

What a frail excuse, much like Bieber’s arm strength.

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