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Political brain Rob Ford, who bears the unique privilege of being referred to as “Toronto’s Crack Mayor” has put his re-election campaign on hold for a stint in rehab to treat his substance addiction. Probably a good idea, really.

The announcement comes shortly after yet another video of Ford emerged allegedly showing the ex-mayor smoking crack cocaine, prompting the question, ‘Why on earth does Rob Ford keep hanging out with friends who have cameras?’ A statement accompanied the announcement declaring that Ford intends to “seek immediate help” and is “100 percent committed to getting myself right.” Curiously, he’s only seeking help for alcohol abuse according to the statement. That must mean he’s got his crack use totally under control.

The new video was apparently filmed by a drug dealer last Saturday at Ford’s sister’s house, and is one of three that said unnamed drug dealer (aren’t they all?) aims to sell for “at least six figures.”

While the videos have obviously not been released to the public (or those six figures would probably quickly become two), Globe and Mail reporters have allegedly seen them, and report that they depict Ford “taking a drag from a long copper-colored pipe, exhaling a cloud of smoke, his right arm convulsing.”

Ford holds the honor of having the weirdest career in politics ever, or at least has achieved Marion Barry status, having gained international notoriety (not the good kind) after another video showing him smoking crack was released just last year. Since then, his career has taken a somewhat unconventional direction (unless you’re Rob Ford, in which case its taken a totally expected direction), punctuated by a series of bizarre statements and even more bizarre actions. Among his career highlights are ordering a jailhouse beating and subsequently being sued by his brother-in-law, calling a reporter a pedophile and defending Justin Bieber’s drug use.

Where this train stops, no one knows, ladies and gents, but if you search deep within yourselves, you may well find that you don’t want to know, and indeed, nor do you ever want it to stop.

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