News reaches Ginger Clam that newly single heartthrob Robin Thicke is having a wild time. Lock up your daughters!

Thicke, who completed a high-profile divorce with Paula Patton in February, was spotted rocking up to a costume shop this weekend with four scintillating hotties. The store ‘Trashy Lingerie’ enjoyed Thicke’s elaborate $2,800 spending spree. He kitted his four ladies out in some tasty and expensive numbers. We cannot possibly speculate what happened next.

Thicke, 37, is clearly taking single life in his stride. The pop star had been with ex-wife Patton since he was just 16 years old – the big dude may feel there are some wild oats left to sow before he hits the big 40.

Legend has it that Thicke got caught ‘misbehaving’ by Patton. He then launched a very embarrassing, very public campaign to win her back. This culminated In ‘Paula’, the star’s June album release that got slammed by the critics and probably made his ex-wife vomit in her hat.

Ginger Clam is delighted to report that his latest visit to buy lingerie for four sexy ladies marks a turning point in his recovery. We can only presume that Thicke’s next album will be back to full glory now that his testosterone levels have been restored.

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