Queen VaJayJay of the Kardashian clan, Kris ‘Momma needs meat too’ Jenner, has come out swinging in defence of… Taylor ‘tits like pips’ Swift! WTF?!

Jenner was live on Australian radio yesterday and was asked if the new Taylor-Tom showmance was just a publicity stunt.

“I would doubt that,” Kris stormed. “I don’t know any of the details about her relationship … but she’s lovely and I’m sure just like anybody else, when you date somebody in this town, everything becomes a photo shoot.”

More like a video shoot, if it’s your daughter and a bedroom camcorder gets involved… Eh, Kris?

Kim K and Taylor have had some very public spats, yet Kris was surprisingly quick to defend the albino pop twig.

“I want everybody to find whatever happiness that makes them happy,” Jenner said. “I think when you’re young and you’re dating and you have a very public life, it’s got to be really hard. I think that only Taylor and whoever she’s with knows what’s going on in that relationship.”

Rumours have hit the press this weekend that Taylor started seeing Tom long before she had officially split from her ex Calvin. We don’t really give a toss, and clearly neither does Kris.

“She’s great and I wish her the very best,” Momma K said. “She’s just trying to navigate, trying to date in this public eye just like everybody else.”

Well bollocks to that. Wait until Kris finds Taylor in bed with Kanye while Kim is downstairs having a poo. Ginger Clam can’t wait to see how calm the ole battle-axe is then…

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