If being in love with Olympic gold medalist Anna Fenninger didn’t keep your slopes wet all through the Winter Games, now you can take your pervy dreams one step further. Somewhere out there, a creeper just like you wanted to look at celebrities’ feet, marvel at them and showcase them in all their glory. That creeper created a website called wikiFeet, a gallery of celebrity foot photos and videos uploaded by the site’s users.

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It’s not pornographic. In fact, no adult content is permitted. It’s not a foot fetish website like you might be hoping, but a G-rated version. If you’ve had enough of your passionate dreams of Anna firmly gripping your ski poles, take a walk on the wild side and peruse photos of her feet instead.

Aching to see her on the beach or in a pair of high heels? You got it. There’s even one of her in a leather peep toe boot if you’re feeling daring.

Anything more and you’re just a sick bastard. She’s an Austrian skier, not your blow up doll.

Now you can enjoy Anna Fenninger’s beauty from head to toe. And keep those fantasies of her breaking records on your giant slalom to yourself.

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