This dude almost had a heart attack!

Brian Vogelgsang (what a surname) from Chicago, decided to surprise his dad on his birthday … and boy did he achieve his goal!

The joker flew home without telling the birthday boy, hid in the trunk of a car and organised his clueless father to open it up – the result was priceless.

His dad jumped back in total shock before opening up with an array of expletives – simply hilarious.

He shouted: “What the fuck!!! What the hell! Holy shit!”

After realising he was being filmed he was nervous about the content going out to the world, the cutie.

Don’t worry Mr.Vogelgsang, you’re loved by everyone, especially at the Ginger Clam HQ!

* Watch the video below and if you like crazy shit like this head over to, where there are thousands of great clips to choose from, plus live pranks, dares and general mayhem.

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