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Star Trek 3 is going to be directed by that guy no one has ever heard of and Trekkies are pretty pissed about it.

Now that J.J. Abrams has jumped ship to Star Wars: Episode VII, Roberto Orci will boldy go where no Star Trek fan ever wanted him to go: He’s taking the helm of Star Trek 3.

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Orci is a newcomer when it comes to directing, but he’s no stranger to the Star Trek reboot. He co-wrote Star Trek and Star Trek into Darkness – you know the first two movies where Captain Kirk saves the day from everything ever? That’s probably the main reason why Paramount is willing to entrust the next film to him. He’s also co-written other major blockbusters including Mission: Impossible III, Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and both The Amazing Spider-Man films.

So why are fans up in arms about Orci’s directoral debut? It’s not because he’s an unknown, it’s because he’s actually known for being an asshole. And volatile. And a conspiracy theorist.

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That’s quite a resume already.

Orci already had a bad rap for occasionally tweeting 9/11 conspiracy theories. Then he dug the hole deeper when he took to comment boards and told fans to fuck off, resulting in an apology on Twitter and then deleting his account altogether. It’s hard to recover from a public outburst against the very fanbase you’re trying to please. If there’s one thing you don’t do in Hollywood, it’s bite the hand that feeds you.

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The good news is that Orci seems like a passionate person, albeit misdirected at times, but that might be Star Trek 3’s only saving grace.
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