Some young men like to collect cars or fine wine, but when you’re in the biggest band in the world and have a Bruce Jenner haircut then you can collect a different kind of trophy – Victoria’s Secret models.

Ginger Clam’s fave little pop perv Harry has been at it again, bagging Portuguese stunner Sara Sampaio in Manhattan on Thursday night. He makes us so proud.

Styles was shaking his booty at a string of NYC nightclubs and managed to collect 23 year-old Sampaio along the way. The Sun alleges that the young lothario got cosy with the hot model at the Ludlow Hotel in Manhattan.

A source revealed:

‘There was definitely chemistry there as they hugged and kissed each other when she left but everyone thinks something was up as she came back and they left so soon after each other the next morning.

Sara left at 11am dressed exactly the same. Then Harry walked out at 11.15am and it looked like he’d been partying pretty hard.’

The pictures show Harry and Sara kiss each other goodbye outside the hotel at around 10pm on Thursday evening. However, The Sun reveals that the Victoria’s Secret Angel later returned and didn’t leave until 11am the next morning, wearing the same outfit.

Clam loves a good old fashioned dirty stop-out.

Harry was most recently linked to a Shagsville visit with another Victoria’s Secret model, Nadine Leopold. If you’re going to have a ‘type’ it may as well be lingerie models.

He may have the talent of a goldfish, but while he remains a top shagger we’ll keep loving little Harry and his mother’s haircut.

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