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This year more than any year in recent history, The Super Bowl Ads really needed to deliver on the promised entertainment value we’ve grown to expect. Of course, it was no fault of their own that the burden was increased, it was more owing to the gobsmacking nightmare of a game played by the Denver Broncos. Here are the 10 commercials that won the night:

1. Transformers: Age of Extinction

Number 1 because it was the last thing I thought I’d find ‘cool,’ the new trailer for Michael Bay‘s Transformers: Age Of Extinction executed on its challenge: nothing needed a breath of fresh air more than the Transformers film franchise. Dropping the fraudulent Shia LaBeouf in exchange for the inoffensive and sometimes entertaining Mark Wahlberg was a good first step, but here we are getting dinosaur transformers and the epitome of crazy giant robots: the giant gun transformer. If you think about it for more than a second you’ll realize how damn stupid that sounds, but the first time we saw it, it was pretty damn cool.

2. Jerry Seinfeld
Having teased a Seinfeld cast reunion, we knew that Jerry & George were coming around the bend sooner or later. What we didn’t know is that it would be happening during the big game. In this ad for Jerry Seinfeld’s web series, we even got Newman, but sadly no Elaine. The bit was well written, but the best part about this was that for once Jerry was here promoting his own work, and not a product, a nice change of pace for this night.

3. Budweiser
For the most part, SuperBowl ads exist to make us laugh, or to wow us. But the Budweiser Clydesdales campaign showed up stronger than the Seahawks, and through the power of cute animals and storytelling, living rooms everywhere erupted into fields of awwws.

4. Radioshack
Radioshack wants to reboot itself with a more updated look, so it’s poking fun at some fellow irrelevances like The California Raisins, Cliff from Cheers, Alf, Hulk Hogan, Chucky the demon doll, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and American Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Rhetton. Their rebooted look seems to resemble a Best Buy, but hopefully you won’t have The Hulkster pitching you on an Unlimited Talk & Text Family Plan.

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5. Hyundai
Teaching your kids how to drive is a future memory that scares us all, something Hyundai siezes upon with their ad promoting their Genesis line. Cars aware of impending collisions which can save you from a car crash in the face of getting distracted by a cute girl. That’s the kind of automobile the best dads get their sons.

6. Oikos Yogurt
In the most hyped ad of the night, this ad for Oikos yogurt features the return of Bob SagetDave Coulier and John Stamos in the roles that made them rich: Uncles Danny, Joey and Jesse from Full House. And, of course, they’re practically in character, with Saget playing the OCD Clean Freak role perfectly.

7. Toyota
With Jason Segel moving on, the Muppets needed a new larger than life human being to interact with. Luckily for us, they picked the human cartoon character that is Terry Crews. It’s just a Toyota ad and not based on their upcoming film, but if Mr. Crews isn’t in the film already, the writers should shoehorn him in, and thank the staff for being open to this plan.

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8. SodaStream
Finally airing in the states, DIY carbonation machine manufacturers SodaStream managed to break through Big Soda, and make a splash thanks to Scarlet Johansson. The only problem? The flavored sodas looked incredibly unappetizing. I’ve never used the flavoring myself, but I can attest to the fact that I’m still very happy with this purchase.

9. T-Mobile
For companies struggling to get attention, landing a big celebrity name is a pretty standard grope for the public’s eyes and ears. We hereby bring you: Tim Te-bow for T-Mobile. This third rate telecom has been trying to make a name for itself with radical offers for months, and they’re hoping this very memetastic ad spot can bring them into the public consciousness.

10.Turbo Tax
And I’d have really messed this list up without including one ad with actual references to football in it. This Turbo Tax ad tries to offset the agony of tax season with the fun of post-game analysis.

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