Being in the midst of Doctor Who week hasn’t stopped the release of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the latest in the Jennifer-Lawrence-starring, box-office-breaking franchise. That will leave a lot of fans unsure of which to be more excited for, and–in the UK and a few other locations where the 50th anniversary special will screen in theaters— even unsure of which to go and see. Thankfully, Brad Hansen has gone ahead and solved that problem for us with the release of The Doctor Games, a mash up that sees the Doctors pitted against each other in a fight to the death.

Starring all 13 incarnations of the Doctor (including the upcoming versions from John Hurt and Peter Capaldi), the video is rammed with Doctor Who references, but is a bit lighter on The Hunger Games material, borrowing only the central premise and a few choice lines.

Fans of the British sci-fi classic will be in for a treat, especially those familiar enough with the show’s heritage to pick up on some choice references to classic Doctors – not least some inventive uses of celery and jelly beans.

Switch your brain off at the door, ignore the s!ightly dodgy attempts at British accents, and enjoy the unique sight of the Doctors abandoning their usual pacifism in the name of a fight to the death. It’s not quite the full crossover we’d all love to see, but it’s getting close.

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