Looking for an original gift idea for somebody you don’t like very much? A company called ‘S*** Express‘ is offering a new internet service to send a box of horse manure to the address of your choice.

What’s more you can personalize your message with your own crappy poem, just to make sure the recipient gets the message that you can’t stand their ass. The horse crap comes sealed in a plastic box for convenience, so there’s no need for the mail man to get his fingers dirty.

The company even offers free sh*tting … sorry, we mean shipping – to anywhere in the world. You can pay via Bitcoin or PayPal and for $16.95 (£10.95 in the UK) you will apparently get a good-sized dollop of manure.

S*** Express’s own marketing boasts: “Imagine all those people who annoy you the most: an irritating colleague. School teacher. Your ex-wife. Filthy boss. Jealous neighbour. That successful former classmate. Or all those pesky haters.

“What if you could send them a smelly surprise? There is nothing that could replace the expression on the recipient’s face after opening the box!”

Here at Ginger Clam / TV Mix HQ we thought it might be a wind-up, but apparently the service is real and it’s even been reviewed on YouTube.

The bit that made us LOL was the fact that the reviewer focuses on how it’s actually well packaged. It just goes to prove that where there’s muck there’s brass.

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