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Class! We are already halfway through UC Irvine’s course, Society, Science, Survival: Lessons From The Walking Dead. This week’s lesson took a look at social identity, personalities and the way we interpret others. It also covered stereotypes and how as humans when we are under stress we jump to stereotypes to create order for ourselves.

TV Mix studies this weeks course materials and graded them based on how well they explained the topics at hand.

Weekly Readings: A

This week’s readings thoroughly explained how social identity effects much more than you might think, especially in a post-apocalyptic world. Professor Joanne Christopherson explained how the identities people had pre-apocalypse became something entirely different in the post-apocalyptic world.

Guest Instructors: B+

This week, course instructors asked Scott Wilson who plays Hershel Greene, and Emily Kinny who plays Hershel’s daughter, Beth, some tough questions surrounding identity and personality. Wilson gave his insight on who is the most valuable character while Kinny spoke about her characters role in taking care of a child that isn’t even her own.

Visual Materials (Photos): C+

This week there was only one photo that showed us the UCI teaching team giving their best survivor face. The photo was modeled after those that have dominated the promo campaigns for AMC’s The Walking Dead, that portray the characters giving a fierce look with the show title to the side. Meh.

Visual Materials (Videos): A-

This weeks clips brought us back to various points throughout the series where stereotypes were heavily used in the plot and dialogue. This helped give us more insight into the characters personalities and also helped us to understand their actions.

Quiz: B+

We earned a solid 9 out of 10 on this week’s quiz, effectively unlocking the fourth badge on the site, bringing us that much closer to completion.

Our overall grade for this week’s course is a B+. Between the visual materials, insight from actors and our personal, above-average grade at the end, we’d say this week’s course material gets a job well done.

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