A crazy video of an unbelievable fight between a pet rabbit and a giant snake has become a bizarre hit on social media.

Ok, it might not be the sort of crazy stunt that usually captures our imagination, but you gotta see this to believe it.

The clip begins by showing a snake that has a tight hold of a baby rabbit, which it intends to squeeze to death before eating. Suddenly, out of nowhere comes mummy rabbit – and boy is she pissed off.

Normally you’d think that a big snake would make an easy meal of any rabbit: but this Thugs Bunny is no normal rabbit and the reptile comes off second best.

Dig the kid in the background who yells: “Go Mr Rabbit – kill that snake!”

Watch the two minute video below. Meanwhile, if you like watching crazy stuff then head to BattleCam.com, the social site where there are wild stunts, great videos and live action.

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