Everyone who wasn’t tuning in to The Walking Dead on Sunday night was watching the season finale of True Detective, and most of them think they made the right choice. The HBO series has been a hit, even though this is only its first season; this could be due to the fact that Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson star in the horror-drama, or it could be the winding plot twists that keep viewers glued to the screen. (Our exploration of why it’s a hit is here). Either way, this thing is huge.

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With season one officially over, we took a look at what Twitter had to say about TV’s newest and most popular crime fiction series.

Spoiler alerts!


We wonder how this worked out for him.

While HBO said that the finale would air at the same time on HBO GO as it did on the regular channel, there seemed to be a few problems with streaming.

  Apparently some couldn’t handle the emotions going on in this episode.

Even though it was really good.

The Soup totally called this on Wednesday.

We still have one more question though.

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