This uber-cute internet clip has been steadily gaining millions of views and gripping hearts all over the world.

The footage shows what looks like one hero tortoise flipping over another who has got stuck upside down.

“We were all very lucky to see such kind of scene—one tortoise saves the other one’s life!” wrote AuDi Yu, who originally uploaded the video a few months ago.

But don’t let your eyes deceive you! Those ‘know-it-alls’ at National Geographic have been speculating that the pair of creatures may have actually been FIGHTING.

An expert reveals: “It’s very likely that the tortoise that saves the tortoise is the one that got it on its back in the first place.”

They had to go and ruin it for everyone, didn’t they? Turtley crazy, in fact.

Meanwhile, if you love funny footage go to – where’s thousands of great clips to choose from.

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