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New action film take on the Mary Shelly classic, Frankenstein, called I, Frankenstein, tanked in theaters its opening day. The $65 million budget movie brought in a paltry $2.8 million on Friday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It seems the only good things the film has brought viewers are the hilariously scathing reviews from both professional critics and regular movie-goers alike. Ranging from mild criticism to downright harsh, those who have seen the film all agree: don’t waste your money going to see I, Frankenstein.

People take their movies pretty seriously nowadays.

So it’s no surprise this one got so much hate.




Not to mention the fact that it’s probably going straight to cable.

The Mexican version of the movie poster is slightly redeeming.

But not redeeming enough to clear up this confusion.

Possibly the best description of the movie, ever.

And then there’s those that won’t even bother.

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