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Following the finale of one of the most pivotal seasons to date, The Walking Dead finished season four on Sunday with a lot of action and a lot more zombies.

The last episode before Season Five airs in October finally showed us just what Terminus is, and also left viewers with the knowledge of where all but four members of the group are. That being said, not everyone was pleased with the ending this time around.

We took a look at what Twitter had to say about season four and weren’t surprised to see that the episode with 15.7 million viewers has everybody talking.

Everyone knew to expect something crazy with the final episode.

And then this happened.

There was also this.

And by the end, everyone needed a hug and some comfort pudding.

Many were happy with the way season four played out.

Including guitar hero and horror genre novice, Slash.

But apparently not everyone was impressed with the episode.

For now, we wait.

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