UFC President Dana White recently expressed his disinterest in caving to the rising trend of “woke culture,” which has permeated many aspects of American society, including sports. In an interview with a news outlet, White emphasized that the UFC would not follow suit in incorporating woke culture into its events.

White’s firm stance stems from his belief that embracing woke culture could be detrimental to the UFC’s business and values. He sees the UFC as a merit-based organization where fighters are judged on their abilities rather than their gender, race, or ethnicity. For White, incorporating woke culture into the UFC would not only be divisive, but it would also undermine the very foundation upon which the organization was built.

White’s comments come at a time when many sports organizations are embracing woke culture by incorporating social justice messaging into their events. For example, some sports leagues have allowed athletes to kneel during the national anthem as a form of protest. However, White has no interest in following suit.

According to White, the UFC’s focus will always be on the fighters and their fights. The organization will not engage in any activities or events that take away from that core focus. White’s comments suggest that the UFC will remain true to its values and not be swayed by societal trends.

White’s views on woke culture may be controversial, but they are reflective of a larger trend of pushback against woke culture in American society. While some organizations and individuals have embraced woke culture, others have chosen to reject it, arguing that it is divisive and undermines the American values of individualism and meritocracy.

“We don’t do anything woke over here.”

Dana White vows the UFC will never go woke. It’s a very refreshing take given all the woke insanity lately with Bud Light and Nike.https://t.co/sJoRXUkcio— OutKick (@Outkick) April 16, 2023

Overall, it remains to be seen how the UFC’s stance on woke culture will affect its business and public image. However, White’s comments suggest that the organization will continue to prioritize merit-based competition and avoid divisive cultural trends.

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