Poor Usher, now that he’s old and irrelevant and probably a bit sweaty, he’s done what any self-respecting former pop star would do – he’s flopped his wanger out for photos.

Snapchat users have just received a surprise in their inbox: Usher’s schlong. The little winkler was dished out for no clear reason other than declining album sales.

The star made an attempt to cover some of the sausage treat up with text, but he was sure to make enough visible to let us see what beef he was carrying. Not a full meatloaf, but enough for a decent lasagne.

The publicity stunt was instantly ridiculed by fellow celebs. Piers Morgan tweeted:

Ginger Clam thinks the response has been a little harsh. We’d rather have Usher subject us to dong pics than more dire music releases.

Usher seems slightly obsessed with Snapchat at the moment and constantly posts random rubbish. There’s only one answer, dude: start dating a Kardashian. We believe Rob is available.

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