Wakeboarding is a water sport that’s as wild as it comes. It involves clinging to a line and performing stunts while being dragged across the waves by a speedboat.

But why use a boat when you can have a Ferrari?

That’s exactly what 19 year old Jorge Gill did for a viral video that’s currently wowing fans of extreme sports.

The teenager, who has represented the UK at six European Championships and three World Championships, decided to spice things up by swapping what would usually be a motorboat for a car…well not just a car, a Ferrari F50!

And in order to make it all work they needed a river, so why not get the smallest and trickiest river to manoeuvre through that they could find?

The footage is absolutely incredible as he skims across the water at great pace, and whereas you would have thought he would only manage to stay balanced for a couple of seconds, Jorge makes it looks easy.

Watch the video below, where you can see the stunt filmed from several angles. For more great clips of stunts visit Battlecam.com. If you love extreme sports then go to FilmOn.com – where there are hundreds of free live web TV stations to choose from, including X-Treme Sports.

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