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At a private luncheon for Motion Picture Academy members, the elite class that votes for Oscars each year, breathtaking Margot Robbie spoke about her role in best picture contender The Wolf of Wall Street for director Martin Scorsese. She plays the scheming second wife of Leo DiCaprio’s stock swindling character Jordan Belfort and the Australian-born actress had to get naked plenty for the role. But first she had to get it.

Flawlessly beautiful in person as on screen, Robbie’s charm had many females at the Academy luncheon– even ones known to be straight and happily in relationships — mentioning how
they would “turn” for her given the chance. Her allure was only enhanced when she told about her audition for Wolf, saying that when she got the call to come in and audition for Scorsese and DiCaprio, she figured they must have merely had a whim that wouldn’t lead anywhere.

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So she showed up in jeans and a t-shirt. But when legendary casting director Ellen Lewis laid eyes on her, she didn’t take more than a second to hand her a credit card, and dispatch her down the slick street in Manhattan’s Soho district to purchase the tiniest cocktail dress, the highest heels, and the pushiest push up bra — all for a quick and lascivious change before going into the audition.

Robbie revealed further that the scene in question was no ordinary one, but laden with sexual volatility between her and DiCaprio. Therefore, she had decided to play it by planting a wet one on him — after all, she thought, “This might be my only chance to kiss Leo.” But she explained at the lunch how she quickly saw that the frisson of the scene was of more consequence than any of her own, and decided that a mysteriously meaningful hard slap across Mr. DiCaprio’s face was what was really needed.

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Well…both director and star were so simultaneously shocked and seduced by Robbie, that they told her to do it again — only harder! “And that second slap” she gleefully said,  “won me the role!”

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