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Was Magneto on the grassy knoll? We may never know, but there’s definitely a new JFK assassination conspiracy theory to add to the list.

Just a few days after the 50th anniversary of the shooting, the marketing team for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past released a viral video theorizing that the metal-manipulating mutant, Erik Lehnsherr, aka Magneto, was responsible for a “bent bullet” found after the shooting.

Magneto, played in the movie by both Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen, is said in the video to have been “found guilty of first degree murder and conspiracy to assassinate the President of the United States. However, the evidence against the mutant called Magneto remains circumstantial.” Magneto “altered the trajectory of [Lee Harvey] Oswald’s second bullet, effectively murdering the President,” the video says.


In the new X-Men film, present-day Magneto and Professor X team must team up with their past selves in order to save all of the mutants. But very early on in the film’s production, there were hints that JFK could somehow factor into the story. Matthew Vaughn, who directed X-Men: First Class, told HitFlix before the script had even been written: “I thought it would be fun to open with the Kennedy Assassination, and we reveal that the magic bullet was controlled by Magneto.  That would explain the physics of it, and we see that he’s pissed off because Kennedy took all the credit for saving the world and mutants weren’t even mentioned.”

The movie is slated for release May, but for now you can read more about Magneto and the “bent bullet” theory on the promotional website, thebentbullet.com.

Watch the real story of JFK assassination with round the clock footage on the new Living History channel via FilmON.

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