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Zac Efron‘s recent bout with drug addiction may have left High School Musical devotees scared, confused, and wondering if that floppy haircut he sported way past its expiration date was the result of all that molly he was (allegedly) taking, but it’s his recent jaw fracture that seems to be causing some reinvigorated concern for the reportedly-rehabbed star.

Efron reportedly slipped on a puddle outside of his California home last week, cracking his jaw on the ground and cutting open the underside of his face, which required a number of stitches, according to E! Online.

While a shattered face is a rough break, it does seem like a strange accident for a young, presumably healthy individual to have, and has made some question whether or not Efron was using at the time of his fall.

However, Efron’s “I fell down and broke my head while totally sober” routine is hardly the strangest line Hollywood has tried to use to cover up some less-than-kosher activities in the past. Here are some of our favorite celebrity excuses for bad behavior:

Michael Jackson just loved napping with kids: Taking a nap with a child doesn’t automatically make you a pedophile. However, if you were to make a Venn diagram of people who love taking naps with other peoples’ children and people who only hang out with movie stars under the age of 10, pedophiles would likely make up the area in between the two circles.

Vanessa Hudgens was just eating white chocolate out of her purse: When Vanessa Hudgens went to Coachella in 2011, she brought all of the stuff a 20-something girl would pack for a few days of music in the desert: bikinis, wide-brimmed hats, and lots of white chocolate. At least that was her official story after photographers snapped her scooping a mysterious white substance into her mouth at the music festival — because what weight-conscious star doesn’t bring a bag of melted candy with them wherever they go?

Kelly Preston shot herself with Charlie Sheen’s gun: When Kelly Preston and Charlie Sheen broke up in 1990, people knew two things about the couple’s relationship: that Sheen was a bit of a loose cannon, and that right before they split, Preston had gotten shot. After two decades of speculation about how exactly the latter happened, Sheen revealed that Preston (and not the gun-owner with a reputation for drugs and violence) picked up his pants, and in doing so, accidentally dropped his gun, causing it to shoot his toilet and hit her with a piece of plaster.

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