Arizona veto

Arizona’s Republican legislature decided it was high time that business owners were given the right to refuse customers based on their perceived sexual orientation. The state’s GOP governor, Jan Brewer, felt otherwise.

Senate Bill 1062 would have given each business owner in the state the right to refuse service to gays and lesbians on the grounds of providing them with “religious freedoms,” a.k.a. the ability to discriminate against the LGBT community, because apparently money coming from the wallet of a gay person isn’t good enough.

It probably has “the gay” on it or something.

Brewer vetoed the bill on Wednesday before ripping into her own party for their blatant attempt at discrimination. Needless to say, Brewer wasn’t the only one with some well-chosen words on the matter.

We can only imagine what this will look like:

Rumor has it the NFL was looking to host Super Bowl XLIX in Arizona but quickly sought alternatives following the passing of the bill.

We’re not sure Brewer’s veto will make a huge difference in the overall scheme of things.

But there’s hope!

Even Mitt Romney and John McCain were against the bill.

Along with many businesses who made their disapproval very public.

A few questions still remain.

Also, how would this even be enforced?!

Apparently, Jesus is having a rough year already.

But now we know the answer to this last question is yes!

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