Pete Bennett – the former winner of UK Big Brother who became a familiar face on BattleCam – has revealed that he is homeless after fighting an addiction to ketamine.

Pete, 33, who suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome which can make him twitch and swear involuntarily,  told the Jeremy Kyle Show that he is sleeping on a friends’ sofas because he no longer has a roof over his head.

He also revealed that he has battled drug addiction after suffering a string of bereavements.

The reality TV star said: “When I went to get proper help for my addiction, this drug worker started to ask me about loss and I talked to him about all the friends I’d had who’d died.

“I was dealing with it by taking ketamine – and not dealing with it.”

Pete – who’s medical condition can cause him to shout the word ‘wankers’ – is a poplar character on‘s social site, where he entertains fellow BattleCamers under the moniker Perfect Pete (see video below).

He is now off drugs despite a relapse – and says he hopes to make a fresh start of things soon, possibly in Hollywood.

Here at Ginger Clam we wish ya well, Pete.

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