Along with mother-of-one, world-famous singer, songwriter, and actress, Beyonce can now add daredevil to her growing resume.

The 32-year-old used her time off from the Mr. Carter Show World Tour to freefall in Auckland, New Zealand. Unlike skydiving, freefalling is more similar to base jumping where the participant tumbles from a very high platform – in this case over 1,000 ft. off the ground – while harnessed and attached to a cord. Unlike traditional bunjee jumping where the participant is attached at the ankles, freefalling involves being attached at the torso, and instead of falling head first the participant jumps feet first from the platform.

Beyonce documented the whole thing with two photos on her Instagram account, which currently has more than seven million followers. The first photo, of her and another woman who we can assume was her instructor, was simply titled “Freefall in New Zealand!” The second was just of Beyonce, leaning over the platform right before she took the jump.

According to Rafat Ali, CEO of Skift, a travel information startup based in New York, the event was purely spontaneous and the instructors had no idea they would be helping Queen Bey.

“In some sense, she’s helping demystify bungee jumping as well, since it has been seen as only for the extreme thrill lovers. I bet the tour operators to the country are going to see increasing requests for it in the short term,” he said.

The whole event was kept very quiet to avoid large crowds from forming before the jump. Besides her team of body guards, there weren’t many people at the freefall.

The R&B singer will move on to Australia before heading to Canada and the U.S. to finish out her tour in December.

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