Here at Ginger Clam we love a good celebrity wardrobe malfunction just as much everybody else.

So we’ve been furiously tugging at our mouse ever since we heard that Britney Spears┬árecently split her leather and lace leotard during her stage show in Las Vegas.

Judging from the huge headlines at Mail Online, we were expecting to see the 33-year-old singer’s naked dirt-box in its full glory.

In fact, all we got was a glimpse of her bare back – as her fellow dancers rushed over to prevent the disaster of her ample ass-crack being revealed in public.

Despite the lack of actual nudity, the┬áresulting video of the incident on YouTube makes hilarious viewing – as panic sets in around Britney on stage. Apparently, a similar thing happened exactly a year ago (oops, she did it again).

You gotta admire Britney, who is pictured above with Jaime Camil in a photo she released to promote her appearance in Jane The Virgin. The gal’s doing well.

Her original 2013 two year $30million tenancy in Vegas has reportedly been renewed for another two years, this time for $35million. That’s a cool chunk of change.

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