Up until the actual day of the Cavahole experiment, BattleCam user and “human trash can” Cavacho seemed confident about being able to last 30 days in the ‘hole. That all changed when BattleCam founder Alki David denied Cavacho access to nicotine.

Once the withdrawl set in, Cavacho’s limits were tested. When fellow BattleCam personalities Justin, Rica and Joe arrived to furthur torture the already diaper-ed Cavacho, they found his breaking point by throwing water at him.

The enraged Cavacho kicked his way out of the Cavahole and ran out into the streets in a diaper. Police were called. Cavacho would not respond to requests or bribes to return to the hole and was given money for a cab home.

Someone had to become the new “King of the Castle,” if you will. BattleCam user BongRip showed up for the task, followed shortly by “Crusin.” The two engaged in general monkey business and homoeroticism until Bong Rip tapped out five hours later.

Crusin remained in the hole, also wearing just a diaper.

Sarah, a guest on FilmOn show Sam’s Pajama Party, volunteered to go into the Hole for a few minutes, but a demand from David quickly expanded her tenancy into all night. Clad only in black lingerie and lipstick, Sarah remains in the Cavahole with Crusin.

En route are Crusin’s former flame, truck stop stripper Natasha and Justin, also a former partner of Natasha. An anonymous FilmOn staffer speculates much drama is slated to occur, but what will happen in the Cavahole next is a mystery. You can watch the mayhem streaming live on BattleCam.com.


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