Week 10 has come and gone and as of this writing only the Monday Night Football game remains. It’s time to hand out this week’s fantasy football Duds. Cam Newton, Matt Forte, Dez Bryant and more.

Let’s take a look at the guys who had you looking at your bench wishing you had started ANYONE else. These guys aren’t always necessarily the lowest scoring player at their position, but more often, a guy who based on prior performances/name/where you drafted him, that you simply had to trot out there only for him to summarily give you next to nothing in the box score. (All points listed are in “standard” scoring).


QB: Cam Newton, 5pts

This is the epitome of the “good NFL game doesn’t always equal good fantasy game.”  In actuality, Cam stared down of the most imposing units in all of football and managed the game enough to extend his team’s winning streak–which had until now been balked at due to the perceived level of competition. For fantasy purposes however this was a massive dud. You drafted Cam thinking his rushing yards would provide a safe floor so that even if he didn’t light the world on fire passing you could count on him to score in the double digits. One interception, 17 rushing yards and 169 passing later you probably weren’t too happy with the outcome of this game unless you’re a Carolina fan

RB: Chris Johnson, 5pts

A week removed from shredding what by all accounts is a superior STL front for 150 yards and 2tds CJ0k went out against a previously winless Jaguars team and only managed to produce 5 fantasy points during a game in which backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick rushed for a touchdown. As a Chris Johnson owner you are probably used to the feast or famine scoring he presents but versus the Jaguars you had to assume he’d do better than this.

RB: Matt Forte, 4pts

With Cutler back, and in a battle for control of the division the Bear’s back turned 21 touches into 4 pts. For those of you keeping track at home that’s about 1/5 of a point per touch for a guy who was averaging 4.7 yards a carry. In the biggest game of the season so far Forte turned in his worst game thus far. If you own him then you can only hope that this is a blip and not a sign of things to come as the matchup next week vs. Baltimore isn’t exactly mouthwatering.

WR: Dez Bryant, 4pts

(Insert sideline outburst joke here.) Dez Bryant was THE GUY in the proverbial “we can’t let this guy be the one who beats us” defensive scheme drawn up by Rob Ryan. This resulted in one catch for 44 yards for one of the best receivers in the league. Owners around the league have to be wishing that Romo had the same kind of confidence that Matthew Stafford has displayed with Megatron, because eventually you have to just put the ball up and let an athlete of Bryant’s caliber compete. Two low scoring games in a row heading into a much needed BYE begs the question if Bryant will capitalize on a cushy remainder of his schedule or be game planned out by opposing D coordinators the rest of the way.

WR: Victor Cruz, 3pts

Ten targets vs. a visiting Oakland Raider team that just gave up 7 passing touchdowns simply should not result in 3pts for a player with Cruz’s ability. This has been a season very low on salsa dancing for the Giants’ number one and this matchup was case in point. It’s clear the Giants are looking for Cruz as the ten targets clearly indicate but with Eli struggling and his partner in crime Hakeem Nicks seemingly focusing on next season you have to start wondering if the offense will click in the way you’ll need for the playoffs.

TE: Jason Witten, 2pts

Leading the team in targets + ( a legendarily sure handed tight end + a high scoring opponent in town)  times double coverage on Dez Bryant opening up the middle of the field = a decent fantasy outing? Not in this case as Witten was as ineffective as the rest of America’s Team. Witten even committed a rare drop of an on target pass.

D/ST: Cowboys D, -9pts

You probably didn’t start them if you had any other defense, but if you did you probably saw another player’s production rendered moot by the quitfest that occurred Sunday night. This was a curb-stomping and the Dallas defense made Mark Ingram look like he was back with the Crimson Tide.

K: Adam Vinatieri, 0

This can’t be blamed on Vinatieri because he’s not out there playing defense or offense, but let’s be honest 0 pts is still 0 points.

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