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As we hit the holidays it’s time to be with family and friends, it’s better to give than receive, and of course use the extra time around the fire to tweak your lineup.  These players are those who should be thankful they still have jobs in the NFL, much less on your fantasy roster. Scores listed here are as always, in standard scoring.

QB: Robert Griffin III, 4pts

So you mean to tell me that the best way to ensure you end up peeling yourself off the ground against one of the best defenses in the league is to publicly throw the rest of the team under the bus the week before? You don’t say? This seems to be the lesson the sophomore slumping RG3 learned the hard way en route to throwing one more interception than touchdown in his team’s drubbing at the hands of the 49ers. I personally am benching him in favor of Nick Foles until he shows me something.

RB: Ben Tate, 2pts.

I’m starting to sense a theme here as poor performances against a worst in the league Jacksonville Jaguars team earn a player of any worth a dud distinction. Tate, finally seeming poised to cast off the eternal understudy label of being Arian Foster’s backup, went out and laid the egg of all eggs. Turning seven carries into one yard is not a great way to step out of someone’s shadow, let alone prevent the spry Dennis Johnson from eating into your workload.

RB: Trent Richardson, 2pts

Can we just go ahead and call this the Trent Zone? After averaging 2 yards a carry and about 5 yards a catch, Richardson again finds himself here in what is quickly becoming a weekly occurrence. For those of you who don’t want to drop him only for him to finally have the light bulb go off the next week, trust me you’ll feel a whole lot better if that happens than if you miss the playoffs because you passed on a Zack Stacy who could’ve helped your team a whole lot more.

WR: Danny Amendola, 1pt

Remember when everyone thought that if Amendola could stay healthy he’d be a younger faster Wes Welker? Yeah, me neither. In a game that saw Tom Brady complete passes that allowed him to amass 344 yards and 3 touchdowns, for some reason Amendola ceded #1 receiver duties to Julian Edelman. One has to wonder how much of this was gameplan and how much is just the fact that Brady has faced many more in game pressure scenarios with Edelman on the field than the brittle Amendola.

WR: T.Y. Hilton, 3pts

No Reggie Wayne, no problem? Not quite. As his outburst vs. the Texans seems farther and farther away. Being the #1 receiver in an offense helmed by Andrew Luck should mean that regardless of matchup Hilton finds some space on a weekly basis. After this game and with a matchup with the sneaky good Tennessee secondary on the horizon you have to wonder if we’ll see the speed merchant in the end zone again before the fantasy playoffs.

 TE: Fred Davis, 0pts

Davis used to be a coveted fantasy tight end, and with Jordan Reed out it seemed like one last chance for Davis to prove his worth. Instead he went on to only play ten snaps, not register a target and all in all waste space. For those of you looking for a Reed replacement, you’d be better off starting Aaron Hernandez, if only for the resulting shock value.

D/ST: Chiefs, -7pts

The top defensive unit in the league is hurting physically and mentally as they have now given up two straight negative outings, this one at home at the hands of the Chargers. Phillip Rivers carved them up like some kind of large, flightless bird that people serve on a holiday….

K: Nick Folk, 3pts

He did exactly what he was asked. The problem is all he was asked to do was kick a single field goal.

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