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It’s officially win or go home time and with your season on the line you might not want to risk putting a guy out there who just had his worst week of the season. This list is all about the guys who may be better riding the pine come playoff time.

QB: Drew Brees, 7pts

This one hurts a lot as not only was I personally starting Brees in a game that would have netted me the regular season points title, but also Brees was held under two hundred yards for the first time in 43 games, just two shy of the record! For those of you counting at home 43 games is just about just about 3 whole seasons…. Willing to bet this was an aberration?

RB: Eddie Lacy, 3pts

You know who misses Aaron Rodgers? The Green Bay offense. With the revolving door of mediocrity at the position all of the Packer skill players are seeing drops in production. Lacy suffers mostly due to all the extra men in the box that defenses are bringing to stop him since the passing offense is a shell of its former self without #12 at the helm.

RB: Marshawn Lynch, 5pts

A star running back is supposed to be used to kill the clock in a blowout right? This wasn’t the case in the Seahawks 34-7 thrashing of the Saints. Beast Mode was only able to garner 5pts in a game where Russell Wilson exploded. One has to hope moving forward that this was more of a function of this particular week’s gameplan as opposed to how Seattle is planning on using him going forward.

WR: Jordy Nelson, 1pt

This was a top 15 guy coming into the season, and he still is, but his position is sliding steadily the longer Mr. Discount Double-check is out. The entire Packer offense is like a racecar and without Aaron Rodgers as Jeff Gordon behind the wheel we’re seeing them crash and burn while making a valid argument that the Packer QB is the MVP.

WR: Wes Welker, 3pts

We know Peyton Manning likes to spread it out right? Not so much this week as 4 of his passing touchdowns ended up in the hands of Eric Decker. After starting the season with a touchdown or more in 7 of his first 8 games Welker has cooled a bit as maybe some of the novelty has worn off for Peyton with his new toy, or more likely opposing defenses can key in more on Welker with Julius Thomas banged up.

TE: Antonio Gates, 2pts

This may be the passing of the torch for one of the all-time greats, as Antonio Gates is still receiving a lot of the work, but is slowly being overtaken by his understudy Ladarius Green. Gates is still a big target but the freakish athleticism that allowed him to exploit mismatches may be gone for good.

D/ST: Jets, -2pts

For a defense that is still pretty good, putting up negative points to a Miami team with a lot more on its mind than football is not acceptable, especially for a Rex Ryan coached unit.

K: Garret Hartley, 1pt

Being the kicker on the Saints is supposed to be a safe place to be, not the case this week as Hartley only garnered one extra point attempt as the offense was shut down.

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