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In most leagues, week 15 is the semifinals. And in leagues that do payouts, winning in the semis is your ticket to a payday 16 or more weeks in the making. The worst thing that can happen to you is one of your star players laying an egg that keeps you on the outside looking in. Here are some guys you may feel owe you money after their performance last weekend. Scores listed are in standard format.

QB: Eli Manning, -4pts

If you made it this far with Eli as your QB, then you couldn’t have thought things could get any worse — until they did and Manning threw a season high five interceptions and instead of giving you mediocre production, he gave you an aggressively bad game. This could have been even worse as he also fumbled twice, but recovered them. If by some freak occurrence you’re still in it after this week, do me a personal favor and pick up Kirk Cousins or Matt Cassel.

RB: Andre Brown, 1pt

I promise I’ll attempt not to list the entire Giants offense here, but Brown is supposed to be one of its least risky pieces to play. Brown was a victim of a stout Seattle Defense and his quarterback’s ineptitude. That being said, this is the playoffs and one point from a player you were counting on can mean an early end to your season.

RB: Knowshon Moreno, 4pts

Is this a sign of things to come or a blip on the radar? As the top back in one of the most dangerous offenses in football, you have been starting Moreno with confidence all season, only for him and most of the other Broncos to sleepwalk through most of Thursday’s game versus the division rival Chargers. A dud in the week before, the finals has to make you wonder if you can trust Moreno when it matters most.

WR: Andre Johnson, 1pt

His heartwarming charitable ways aside, you have to be disappointed in one of the premier receivers in the NFL only producing one point against what can only be called a “meh” Indianapolis Colts defense that he lit up for 40 points earlier in the season. This was a bad game for the entire Texan team, but you had to hope that if they were going to be down then at least some garbage time points were coming Dre’s way.

WR: Demarius Thomas/Eric Decker, 4pts

You have Thomas, you are starting him every week and more often than not, you’re pleased with the results. This falls into the “not” category as in San Diego, Thomas dropped 28pts on the Chargers while at home in a late season divisional matchup, he only managed to amass four catches for 45 yards. Decker was supposed to be the beneficiary of the absence of Wes Welker, instead he only had two catches for 42 yards. For those of you who had ridden the Bronco offense to the playoffs, this was the week the wheels came off.

TE: Charles Clay, 0pts

In a divisional showdown, last week’s Stud TE fell to the depths of Dud-dom with a one-catch, 6 yard performance in a big matchup. The New England Patriots not being particularly stout defensively managed to take the edge off this fantasy Swiss Army knife. If you survived this performance, you have to be hoping this was a blip and not the trend.

D/ST: Eagles, -5pts

This was a horrible performance in a game the Eagles were probably looking past as they let journeyman QB Matt Cassel light them up in a game that Adrian Peterson sat out. The only thing worse than putting up a goose egg in the playoffs? A negative score.

K: Garret Hartley, 3pts

A performance so bad that it gets you cut basically locks this up. Add this to the fact that I have Hartley as my only kicker and am out of Free Agent Auction Budget makes me curse his name even more.

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