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Missing the eclectic nature of (very) early BET video programming, or the glory days of video call-in channel The Box? Or more likely, never experienced it firsthand, other than perhaps watching a DVD dub of a faded VHS tape?

Well, now you have an opportunity to appproximate and expand on that vibe, as FilmOn is now streaming WHO?MAG Video Vision 24/7. Video Vision is a spin off of WHO?MAG TV, the New Jersey-originated urban infotainment television program created by director Rob Schwartz, that has aired on numerous online, cable and dish outlets worldwide over the last decade.

With video hosts and guests such as Greg Machado, Glenn Lewis and Madame Freak, the channel is constantly streaming new and funky upcoming hip hip, EDM, rock and pop artists’ videos, mixed with interview clips of countless superstars and legends such as Pitbull, KRS-One, Katy Perry, Rick Ross, GZA, DJ Muggs, and Wyclef Jean (A similar spun-off channel more strictly devoted to EDM, DMTV, features interviews with the likes of ‘She’s Homeless’ creator Crystal Waters).

An example of the wonderfully random nature of the Video Vision programming is a sequence  of videos from Che’nelle (Rihanna meets Moloko), Rone (Martha’s Vinhop?), Rob Deech (tall and Drake-ish), Bazerk (newer and crazier Living Color), Brandon Bassir (teeny Beiber pop but West LA smart — great line ‘I want to be the MAC you’re typing on’), and Rich Quick (cassette tape necklace — say no more).

This launch joins an enormous push in new content for users of FilmOn.com. The network has also launched Battle Rap, Bloodzillathon and Voice of America channels in recent weeks.  FilmOn Networks is the world’s largest internet based television broadcaster with 40 million monthly users world wide. The company has recently begun production with Hollywood giant Relativity to produce the film Bob Thunder, YouTube Assassin which pits YouTube stars against FilmOn’s own social TV personalities from BattleCam.com.

Watch Video Vision here.

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