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So f*ck the Lannisters and everyone that ride with ’em/Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch finna slide some iron in ’em
– Big Boi, ‘Mother of Dragons’

Most Sunday nights during its run on HBO, Game of Thrones sets Twitter ablaze, as if to re-enact the Battle of Blackwater Bay… which is just the kind of reference that the premium cable network’s first ever mixtape is going to be overflowing with.

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The unfortunately named Catch The Throne mixtape will be available as a free download on March 11, and marketed to the middle of a very specific Venn diagram. Take that in for a second, this is where fantasy lit culture stands in 2014.

HBO is releasing a mixtape which features a commissioned single verse from OutKast’s Big Boi to try and expand the show’s reach to the rap community.
 The ATLien, who is about to have a huge summer, is a major get for HBO for this piece of promo hype, and the project will also feature something from Chicago’s always interesting Common.

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Unfortunately, that’s where the quality contributions probably end. The second promoted song from the project is from Wale, who hasn’t actually deserved attention in years. His track, ‘King Slayer‘, tries to turn the anthemic theme song from the HBO series into a beat worth great bars. Sadly, Wale still can’t help but come off as less intimidating as little lord Joffrey.
 Once you get past those three names, you get 7 more tracks by artists that most rap fans recognize as never-gonna-bes, or classify as just plain never-heard-ofs.

When you see a list of names like Magazeen, Dominik Omega, and Snow, you wonder if there’s an SNL one-off game show in the making: “GAME OF THRONES CHARACTER OR F-GRADE RAPPER?”
 HBO, I’m sorry, but when it comes to rap, we have to quote Ygritte: “You know nothing.”

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