Here’s a story that’s bound to brighten up anyone’s day. A bulldog named Otto has recently broken a Guinness World Record for skate-boarding – and the video is absolutely brilliant!

Earlier this month Peruvian born Otto managed to whizz through through a tunnel of people, resulting in some amazing footage that has since gone viral on social media.

Before we even go in to details about the record, we’ve had to pinch ourselves at the fact that a dog can even skateboard – what the f***!

We’re not just talking about balancing, Otto can manoeuvre the board like a pro.

But back to the record, essentially the little dog had to skate through the legs of at least 30 people in order to set the record – and the pooch smashed it!

Watch the clip below. Meanwhile, if you love great entertainment go to, where there are  hundreds of free TV channels.

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