The internet is still buzzing about Sunday’s episode of Homeland. (Spoiler alert!)  Talk of trickery this season and claims that only season one was actually any good may be indicators of the series’ fate. Writer Alex Gansa even admitted to tricking the audience on purpose, instead of just throwing in a plot twist, which we’re sure didn’t boost his approval ratings. Before the show gets any worse, we found some of the best quotes and tweets about the fourth episode of season three.

It all started with the trickery…erm, plot twist.

“The twist [felt] like Homeland had run out of ideas, stuck a bag over our collective heads, and hustled us over to the set of Scandal.” *

— Joe Adalian (@TVMoJoe) October 21, 2013

Or as Tim Goodman from The Hollywood Reporter noted: “You can’t use the camera to both deceive and to lie outright to the viewer. That’s not a twist or even a trick. It’s cheating. It’s hackery.” A complete change altogether might be the solution.

Sucks no one told me Parenthood moved to Showtime and is now called Homeland.

— Edward Schmit (@EdwardSchmit) October 21, 2013


why don’t we just write dana off homeland and give her an angsty MTV spinoff. “true life: everything sucks but i love my misery”

— Brandon Wenerd (@brandonwenerd) October 21, 2013

And let’s not forget Carrie.

Carrie you really are crazy as a bag of frogs #Homeland

— Richie M【ツ】 (@RichieM_) October 21, 2013


I love it when Carrie uses her crying for good and not evil #Homeland

— Time Travel Turtle (@michaelturtle) October 21, 2013


I’ve decided I’m going to carve my jack-o-latern to look like Carrie from #Homeland this year.

— Mel Vega (@ehnovelty) October 21, 2013


Goodman sums up the rest of the series quite well: “It might just be easier to watch Homeland with the understanding that the greatness in season one was a fluke and expectations should be adjusted accordingly at this point.”

But you really know it’s bad when feelings of resentment last until the next day…

Annoying that #Homeland‘s terribleness last night is detracting from #TheGoodWife‘s greatness. Because geez.

— Kate Aurthur (@KateAurthur) October 21, 2013


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