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Insane Clown Posse is getting in on the cryptocurrency game with what they’re calling a Juggalo Coin.

The new sector of the untraceable digital commodity is meant to “keep funds in the family,” as Juggalo Papa Nutt said, according to Slate. The Juggalo Coin is also supposed to promote positive aspects of the Juggalo lifestyle, support its charities and promote February 17 as International Juggalo day.

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Initially it was thought that only Juggalos, ICP/Psychopathic Records fans who often wear the recognizable clown face paint and hatchet man gear, could get their hands on Juggalo Coins. That’s not so, however, as Nutt reached out to Slate to make the correction. “Non-Juggalos are welcome to buy JuggaloCoin, they just don’t get it free,” he said.

So far, it seems that only one person has used the hashtag required on Twitter to show they signed up for Juggalo Coins, (it’s #JuggaloCoin in case you’re dying to get your hands on some; make sure to include photo proof that you’re part of the family as well), but Nutt is hopeful that they’ll catch on soon.

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While Nutt says the coin is totally legit, the contact address is listed as 1 Clown Lane, a place we’re pretty sure doesn’t exist in real life. Despite the seeming sketchiness of it, we’re almost positive that this is ICP’s way of building their small community into a larger, cult-like one, with the goal of taking over the world one clown-painted face at a time.

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