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The virtual Jane Austen role playing game Ever, Jane has reached its Kickstarter goal of $100,000, thanks to 1600 backers who can’t get enough of Regency Era-happenings.

As EW reported, Judy L. Tyrer’s multi-player game managed to raise $109,563 through Kickstarter, promising players that they will be able to “try to win the sympathy of Lizzie Bennet by telling lies about your rival,” while participating in other status-focused machinations. “In the virtual world of Jane Austen, it is not about kill or be killed, but invite and be invited with gossip our weapon of choice,” the Kickstarter page says.

Though the game doesn’t take place in any particular Austen book, all of the character archetypes and the trappings of the era will be there. Players will be able to choose their character’s traits, and then build up their personalities by interacting with other players — all the while gossiping and attending balls and parties.

Ever, Jane is about playing the actual character in the game, building stories. Our quests are derived from player’s actions and stories. And we gossip rather than swords and magic to demolish our enemies and aid our friends,” the page says.

Here’s a preview:

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