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Warning: this article includes mild Internet stalking. Last December, fans of internet sensation Jenna Marbles were devastated when she announced that she was splitting from her boyfriend of four years, Max Weisz (known on YouTube as MaxNoSleeves). Those who follow her channel – as in, those who almost failed midterms because watching every single one of Jenna’s videos in one sitting felt more important than studying American History – got to know Max through his increasingly frequent cameos on her YouTube channel, where he tried to be as funny and adorable as Jenna but … failed. Yes, he had nice teeth, but Jenna revealed in April through a series of angry Tweets that Max cheated on her and that his “piggy backing” channel no longer had her support.

You go, girl.

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In the past few weeks, Jenna’s videos have featured her new beau, Julien Solomita. He’s the one playing Billy Ray Cyrus and showing off his abs in the shower. According to BuzzTube, Jenna hired this beefcake as a bodyguard for her trip to Ireland in February, and fell for him over a pint of Guinness. Because Jenna’s Draw My Life video in March got us teary by speculating that she could still get back together with Max, we weren’t on the lookout for a new boyfriend. The multiple Instagram photos that Jenna and Julien were in together during the spring went right over our heads; we thought he was just another scruffy fan.

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Next thing we know, he’s in Jenna’s videos from her trip to Australia, he’s driving her to the hotel while her house is being fumigated, and he’s wearing matching Ninja Turtle Dove costumes with her on Halloween. We realized that there was someone behind the camera in videos like “How to Mildly Annoy Your Dogs Part 2” because, well, Jenna isn’t magical enough to make a camera float on its own, but we figured it was a genie or a man servant! Not a boyfriend!

So who is this Julien (if that is his real name)? According to his Facebook (we warned you there would be Internet stalking), he goes to Chapman University. Class of 2014. Does that make Jenna a cougar? At least he’s of legal drinking age. It looks like he’s also interested in working in the media; he reports for Chapman News and covers MMA events for a blog. We were worried to see that he started a YouTube channel of his own, but it looks like he’s only posting little videos about Kermit and Marbles and lifting weights. There is no evidence that he’s copying or trying to out-do Jenna. Points to you, Julien.

We are willing to give this guy a chance, as if we could ever have influence over Jenna Marbles’ love life. Because that would mean that we are friends with Jenna in real life and talk and text and go on walks with her dogs and maybe appear in her videos sometimes and… Deep breath.

If you’re not convinced that this new dude might be a good guy, we leave you with this tweet:

Otter. Adorable.

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