In what will likely become the most bromantic piece of cinema this side of I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, the Entourage movie — a spin-off of the original HBO series — is struggling to land its spot on the silver screen. Jeremy Piven, one of the show’s most important stars, is holding up the process indefinitely.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Piven, who played deal-making, assistant-abusing, one-liner king, Ari Gold, is holding the film hostage while negotiating for more money. Piven has always made more than his Entourage co-stars, THR reports, and is determined to keep it so. Meanwhile, Warner Brothers, the studio behind the project, is intent on keeping their budget at $30 million dollars, which doesn’t allow leave much wiggle room for huge paychecks — or egos.

While some of the cast members are already game to get back on set — like Kevin Connolly, who told TMZ that the movie was “gonna happen,” with “everybody in line” to work, despite having no contracts drawn up yet — not everyone involved is so optimistic.

Executive producer Mark Wahlberg said that the movie would make it to theaters “as soon as them guys stop being so greedy.”

While the Entourage movie — especially now that they’re all fighting over their allowances — may seem like the douchiest thing to ever (possibly) make it to the big screen, the bar has already been set pretty high, so these guys have some hurdles to jump.

Contenders for the title among projects that have been produced, despite extrems levels of laughable douchebaggery, below:

I’m Still Here: Casey Affleck’s mockumentary about brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix’s spectacular breakdown was nearly an Andy Kaufman-level master class in subversive theatrics… until it wasn’t. The movie, which followed Phoenix as he tried to launch a rap career, hired hookers, snorted coke, and talked ad nauseam about buttholes, ended up being a crude, two-hour circle jerk that reportedly left Affleck nearly bankrupt and Phoenix possibly unhireable.

Swingers: If there’s anything douchier than a movie about an actor who wants to do something else with his life, it’s a movie about guys who want to become actors. Especially when that movie stars Vince Vaughn. And they all wear shiny clothes. And they all call each other “baby” and talk about how “money” they are, when anybody with a pair of functional eyeballs and a nose that can detect the scent of Drakkar Noir can quickly pick up on the fact that they very clearly are not. And the swing dancing? Oy vey, I can’t even.

Scarface: Drugs! Guns! Babes! Scarface’s douchiness is proven entirely by the legacy of wanna be Tony M
ontanas who o insist upon referencing it constantly, conveniently forget how badly it ends.

Good Luck Chuck: This film stars Dane Cook.

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