Kendall Jenner is naked on a horse and Ginger Clam doesn’t know why. What a lucky mule.

The wannabe-Kardashian posted the strange picture on her Instagram page yesterday, instantly stirring a frenzy amongst her 42.5 million followers.

Clam tried to contact the horse for a comment but he’s having a lie down.

Kendall seems to have a strange obsession with the animal world, last week she posted a picture when she was dressed as a shark. Clam is excited to see what animal she will appear as next, hopefully a sweet little pussy.

Kendall has used her Instagram snaps to rise to the top of social media charts and into the model super league. Kendall made an estimated $4 million last year. That buys a lot of naked horses.

Yesterday the model was snapped handing out food to homeless people, unfortunately she was dressed as a human this time, but it’s still a nice gesture.

Kardashian fans can check out the latest TV exploits of the girls on Poor old Lamar Odom is causing heartache for the family and you can find out the latest in the new series of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Or you can get a life and join Kendall on her horse.

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