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Ellen Degeneres just couldn’t contain her excitement as she tweeted a link to Kanye West’s newest music video. The song, “Bound 2,” is a favorite among fans but the video is something else.

Between adjectives like “trashy” and “awful” used to describe the creative venture, you can get a sense of the general opinion fans have of the Bound 2 video, but for every ten people saying they hate it there’s always that one diehard fan who refuses to let go of West’s better days.

For the curious ones who don’t want to actually watch the vid, it’s a lot of green screen action, a topless Kim Kardashian and Kanye wearing two flannel shirts at the same time. Need we say more?

We’ll leave the rest to the fans who voiced their thoughts via Twitter.

Ellen really just couldn’t contain herself.

Rolling Stone makes a good point, safety first!

  Pitchfork reminds us that there may be some substance to the video’s reveal.

But for the most part, fans weren’t having it.

Writer Jessica Grajczyk points out Kanye’s mode of bragging via a Bill Clinton joke.

And here’s the two lonely fans, one who is also an MC, who will love ‘Ye no matter what he does.

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