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Actress Maria Bello, who starred opposite Hugh Jackman and Terrence Howard in Prisoners earlier this year, took a cue from stars like Matt Bomer and Wentworth Miller, who announced their sexuality quietly in 2012 and 2013, respectively, when she disclosed to the New York Times that she has been happily partnered with Clare Munn for a number of years.

In her piece, “Coming Out as a Modern Family,” published on Nov. 29, Bello, mother to a 12-year-old son, described her own surprise at finding herself wanting to pursue a romantic relationship with Munn, with whom she was initially just close friends, and how becoming romantically involved with her has changed her ideas about both what both family and commitment mean.

“My feelings about attachment and partnership have always been that they are fluid and evolving. Jack’s father, Dan, will always be my partner because we share Jack. Dan is the best father and the most wonderful man I’ve known. Just because our relationship is nonsexual doesn’t make him any less of a partner. We share the same core values, including putting our son first. My more recent ex, Bryn, remains my partner because we share our activism. And Clare will always be my partner because she is also my best friend,” she writes.

While she anticipated that her inner circle might not be ready for what many would see as a huge change, Bello says that her friends and family took the news in stride.

“Mom, love is love, whatever you are,” she recalls her son saying when she told him the news.

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