The world’s favorite animated characters, The Minions, have come to life – and they’re not as nice as you’d expect.

In fact – they’re nasty bastards. In the ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Minions’ movies, the little rascals are not the best behaved, but they certainly don’t run around town with the sole purpose of terrorising people.

The latest prank video to go viral sees a bunch of kids, midgets and/or dwarfs cause havoc in a city centre whilst dressed as the animated characters.

Brazilian YouTube channel ‘Programa Panico’ posted unofficial footage in which the little monsters do their utmost to annoy the s**t out of pedestrians. One person sees his phone smashed into pieces, another gets his headphones destroyed and a couple of guys on the street have their afternoon naps interrupted in a horrible way.

The nasty creatures also managed to sneak into a gymnasium where they get up to no good.

Watch the video below. Meanwhile, got to for hundreds of free online TV channels.

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