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December 1 has been declared James Gandolfini Day in the late actor’s hometown of Park Ridge, New Jersey. Following The Sopranos star’s death in June of this year, Park Ridge town officials also moved to have a section of Park Avenue named after Gandolfini, which was also done this past Sunday.

Other stars from the show including Steve Schirripa,Tony Sirico and Vincent Curatola joined the mob of attendees at the ceremony.

Now that New Jersey has practically admitted it, we’re here to confirm that the entire mob lives in NJ. Every last one of them. It is because of this that New Jersey natives are more than familiar with every mafia movie ever made, and that’s why each street in the state should be renamed after characters and actors from the films.

Instead of the usual street titles based off of tree names like Walnut, Pine and Spruce, the new standards should be CagneyDe Niro and Pacino. Actual movie titles are fair game as well. Who wouldn’t want to live on Godfather Lane? And let’s not forget public spaces like parks, playgrounds and other local hangout spots. Kids would grow up with memories of spending their days and having a blast at the newly renamed Scarface Park.

Along with staying true to New Jersey’s roots, the new street naming system would make it easier for locals to navigate since they are already so familiar with the mob. Despite having the best street names in the country we’re pretty sure everyone will still unfairly dump on the Garden State , but at least locals will still have Goodfellas Square.

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